As of January 16, 2013 - 11:22 p.m. Eastern

Acevedo-Daunas, Rafael, Inter-American Development Bank - Parallel session 2B

Adriazola-Stiel, Claudia, EMBARQ - Parallel session 2C

Agarwal, O.P., Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank - Parallel session 2A

Aggarwala, Rohit, Special Advisor to the Chair, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group - Plenary 1

Ahmed, Junaid, Sector Manager, Urban and Water Unit, South Asia, World Bank - Plenary 1

Ardila-Gomez, Arturo, Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank - Parallel session 2B, 3C

Asaul, Nikolay, Deputy Minister for Transport, Russian Federation - Plenary 1, Parallel session 2A

Ashong, Tawia Addo, Program Coordinator, Global Road Safety Facility, World Bank - Parallel session 2C

Bapna, Manish, Executive Vice President, World Resources Institute - Plenary 2

Baranda, Bernardo, Regional Director, Latin America, ITDP - Parallel session 2B

Beddoes, Zanny Minton, Economics Editor, The Economist - Plenary 4

The Honorable Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City - Plenary 4

Bongardt, Daniel, Project Director, GIZ China - Parallel session 1B

Chang, Jason, Professor of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University - Parallel session 3C

Cherry, Chris, Professor, Tennessee University - Parallel session 3C

Cobbett, William, Programme Manager, Cities Alliance - Parallel session 3A

Cuenot, Francois, Transport and Energy Analyst, IEA - Parallel session 3D

Dalkmann, Holger, Director, EMBARQ - Plenary 2, 5

Darido, Georges, Transport Specialist, World Bank - Plenary 3

Desclos, Thierry Denis, Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank - Parallel session 1C

Diez-Roux, Esteban, Transport Principal Specialist, IDB - Parallel session 2C

Dumbaugh, Eric, Professor, Florida Atlantic University - Parallel session 3A

Dzikus, Andre, Coordinator, Urban Basic Services Branch, UN-HABITAT - Parallel session 3A

Fang, Ke, Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank - Parallel session 1B

Fulton, Lew, Co-Director, NextSTEPS, UC Davis - Parallel session 3D

Gadepalli, Shreya, Regional Director, India, ITDP - Parallel session 3B

Gonzalez, Karla, Manager, South Asia, World Bank - Parallel session 3B

Gorham, Roger, Transport Economist, World Bank - Parallel session 3C

Gota, Sudhir, Transport Specialist, Clean Air Asia - Parallel session 3C

Guarderas, Augusto Barrera, Mayor, City of Quito - Plenary 1, Parallel session 2B

Guild, Robert, Director, Transport, Energy, and Natural Resources, Asian Development Bank - Plenary 2

Herrera, Salvador, Deputy Executive Director, EMBARQ Mexico - Parallel session 3A

Hidalgo, Dario, Director of Research & Practice, EMBARQ - Parallel session 2A

Hijar, Martha, Mexican National Academy of Medicine - Parallel session 2C

Huizenga, Cornie, Joint Convener, SLoCaT Partnership - Plenary 2

Irrigoyen, Jose Luis, Director of Transport, Water and ICT, World Bank - Plenary 2

Jacoby, Enrique, Regional Advisor on Healthy Eating and Active Living, Pan-American Health Organization - Parallel session 2C

Jifu, Guo, Director, Beijing Transport Research Center - Parallel session 1B

de Jong, Rob, Head, Transport Unit, Division of Technology Industry and Economics, UNEP - Plenary 3, Parallel session 3D

Juhel, Marc, Transport Sector Manager, World Bank - Parallel session 1C, Plenary 5

Karamitsos, Fotis, Deputy Director General of Mobility & Transport, European Commission - Plenary 1

Dr. Kim, Jim Yong, President, World Bank - Plenary 4

King, Robin, Director, Urban Development & Accessibility, EMBARQ - Parallel session 3A

Kodjak, Drew, Executive Director, ICCT - Parallel session 3D

Kogan, Jorge, Senior Transport Advisor, Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF) - Plenary 2, Parallel session 2B

Krishna, Sudhir, Secretary  Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India - Parallel session 2A, Parallel session 3B

Kumar, Ajay, Transport Economist, World Bank - Plenary 3

Kyte, Rachel, Vice President, Sustainable Development Network, World Bank - Plenary 4

Lane, Clayton, Chief Operating Officer, EMBARQ - Parallel session 1A

Lewis-Workman, Steve, Senior Transport Economist, Asian Development Bank - Parallel session 1B

Lindau, Toni, Director, EMBARQ Brasil - Parallel session 2B

Lobo, Adriana, Director, EMBARQ Mexico - Parallel session 2B, 3B

Lopes, Julio, Secretary of Transport, State of Rio de Janeiro - Parallel session 1C, 2A

Mahendra, Anjali, Strategy Head, Research & Practice, EMBARQ India - Parallel session 3C

Manyathi, Thami, Director, eThekwini Transport Authority - Parallel session 1C

Mehndiratta, Shomik, Lead Transport Specialist, World Bank - Parallel session 3B

Mier y Teran, Carlos, Coordinator, PROTRAM - Parallel session 2A

Moberealo, Dayo, Managing Director, Lagos Transportation Authority - Parallel session 1C

Mohan, Rakesh, Chairman, National Transport Development Policy Committee, India - Plenary 1

Nadal, Luc, Technical Director, Urban Development, ITDP - Parallel session 3A

Olson, Jeff, Principal, Alta Planning + Design - Parallel session 1A

Orcutt, Jon, Policy Director, New York City Department of Transportation - Parallel session 2C

Osório, Carlos Roberto, Secretary of Transport, City of Rio de Janeiro - Parallel session 2B

Pai, Madhav, Director, EMBARQ India - Plenary 3, Parallel session 3B

Punte, Sophie, Executive Director, Clean Air Asia - Plenary 3

Replogle, Michael, Global Policy Director and Founder, ITDP - Plenary 2, Parallel session 2A

Roa, Nestor, Lead Transport Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank - Plenary 2

Rodriguez, Pilar, President, Metrocali - Plenary 3, Parallel session 2B

Rodriguez, Daniel, Professor of City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill - Parallel session 3C

Sanchez, Sergio, Executive Director, Clean Air Institute - Parallel session 1C

Saxena, Sharad, Senior Transport Specialist, Asian Development Bank - Parallel session 1A

Shanshan, Li, Bike Sharing Program Manager, ITDP - Parallel session 1A

Steer, Andrew, President and CEO, World Resources Institute - Plenary 4, 5

Sun, George, Deputy Director, Land Transport Authority of Singapore - Parallel session 1C

Swamy, Shivanand, Professor, CEPT University - Parallel session 3B

Vamberg, Henriette, Head of Gehl Cities, Gehl Architects - Parallel session 3A

Vinjumuri, Manjula, Commissioner, Bangalore DUIT - Parallel session 3B

Wegmann, Fred, Managing Director, Institute of Road Safety Research (SWOV) - Parallel session 2C

Westra, Reindart, Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank - Parallel session 1B

Williams, Sherry, Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Parallel session 3C

Yullin, Jiang, CATS - Parallel session 1B

Zhang, Haitao, Transport Pilar Lead, EMBARQ China - Parallel session 1B

Zimmerman, Sam, Consultant and Former Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank - Plenary 3

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