Transforming Cities with Transport
With greater funding, new ideas and a willingness to experiment, there are big opportunities coming to cities around the world in the realm of sustainable transport! This moderated discussion focuses on urban transport trends and how transport is transforming cities.

Capitalizing on the $175b commitment for sustainable transport
During the Rio+20 conference, development banks made a commitment of $175 billion to fund sustainable transit in the developing world. In this session, a presentation on the Asian Development Bank’s multi-criteria evaluation proposal, and a discussion on how the commitment of development banks can be leveraged for maximum impact.

Financially Sustainable Public Bicycle Systems
Public bicycle systems are growing around the world, but are they financially sustainable in the long term? This presentation will focus on the financing of public bike systems in India, and a moderated discussion on what is needed to implement financially sustainable bicycle sharing systems in developing countries.  

Financing Urban Transport in China: How to fund new infrastructure, operations and maintenance
China’s growing economy is accompanied by a host of new infrastructure projects. This series of presentations on how construction, operations and maintenance of Chinese infrastructure is funded will be followed by a moderated discussion.

Cities and the Decade of Action for Road Safety
Road accidents are a serious problem throughout much of the world, a problem which has received relatively little attention from urban planners as cities have grown. Three presentations will focus on how traffic safety can be integrated into city growth and management, 5 key elements to improving traffic safety in the city, and how the Road Safety Decade of Action can address pressing issues in the cities and organizations it represents.